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Previous Entry Can anyone point me in the right direction? Nov. 2nd, 2005 @ 03:16 pm Next Entry
I've been collecting and collecting Addams Family Items for about 15 years now, but the last 3 years I haven't really added anything. So, I think it's time for my collection to find a new home.

Does anyone know of anyplace (on LJ or otherwise) that specializes in the sale of collectables? I don't want to post it all on ebay, as I would rather have an individual or few buy the whole lot. Does anyone know of anyone who would be interested?

Just a short run-down of the pieces I have.. there's a LOT more, but these are the ones off the top of my head.

Addams Family cereal with fester toys (2 boxes), Charles Addams hardbound original books, autographed items, Board games, card games, toys, soundtrack from the tv show on vinyl, 8x10's, candy, promotional cups, etc. etc. Most items are from the Addams Family Movie, then the Original show, then the cartoon. Some of these are very rare and a few i'm sure you've probably never seen.

Please direct me to anyone interested. The entire collection with all the autographs and books is worth over $1000. I'm asking for best offer.

Anyone interested in the items - any of them - can contact me to discuss and get photos. :)

Thanks!! X-posted
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