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About Hi all-- I work for a book publisher called BenBella Books, and I…

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Hi all-- I work for a book publisher called BenBella Books, and I wanted to pop by and let you guys know about a book we've got coming out on King Kong called King Kong is Back!: An Unauthorized Look at One Humongous Ape. It’s edited by David Brin, and is an anthology of essays Booklist has said “range from informative to wiseass; all entertain.”

From the official press release:

King Kong is Back! An Unauthorized Look at One Humongous Ape
Edited by David Brin

BenBella Books Unleashes the Ultimate King Kong Anthology this November: Before You See the Movie, Explore the Pages of Newest Anthology for Convincing Evidence of Kong’s Enduring Legend

King Kong—love story, horror film, exotic adventure tale—is back on the big screen after an almost thirty-year absence, just in time for the King of Skull Island to influence another generation. From the 1933 black-and-white Cooper/Schoedsack classic to the badly received 1976 De Laurentiis remake, to the new vision brought to life by Peter Jackson, the essayists in King Kong is Back! explore the great ape’s unprecedented appeal and the film’s impact on our cultural imagination. Edited by bestselling author David Brin, King Kong is Back! is sure to provoke provocative and oftentimes hilarious new insights on the legend of Kong, the evolution of film and the impact of one big ape on our society.

  • Pop culture guru Natasha Giardina, in an essay entitled “Queer Eye for the Ape Guy?,” discusses King Kong’s dating issues, his uncanny similarities to Homer Simpson and why, in these metrosexual times, we need Kong more than ever
  • Fantasy author John Wright on how King Kong tells us every thing we need to know about our civilization…although we may not like what we learn
  • Primatologist Dario Maestripieri describes the first monkey studies of human behavior, gorilla genitalia and how King Kong is really a chimp
  • Science fiction author Adam-Troy Castro speculates on what would have happened if they never went back for Ann Darrow
  • Artist Bob Eggleton revels how the magic was created, and hypothesizes on the fate of the upcoming Peter Jackson film

You can preview a few of the essays and order on our site: King Kong is Back! on smartpopbooks.com . . .

. . . or from Amazon, of course, but we have books in office now, and it’ll take a few weeks for Amazon to register their availability: King Kong is Back! on Amazon

Thanks for letting me intrude! :)

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